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Originally Posted by fsyemogushi View Post
Since I'd like to do this whole project as inexpensively as possible the forklift motor is what I'll be concentrating on finding and lead acid batteries for the battery pack. If I can prove to myself and my wife that I'm able to do this maybe for the next project I'll get to do something sexier with the fancy pants batteries with maybe a convertible top... one can dream right? But anyways, off to search for forklift motors.

I'm just another guy like you, dreaming of a conversion down the road, so, I'm not talking from experience here. But, I have to say, from examining battery specs., comparing prices and reading lots, I have to agree with MPaulHolmes on the batteries. Every time I run the numbers, lead seems to come out the most expensive in the long run and LFP's the cheapest. You have to factor in cycle life and that a lead acid pack has to be larger to store the same energy. Lead is cheaper up front, but lithium is cheaper $/mile. If you spend all that money on lead and it doesn't do what you want it to, your wife may shut you down for good.

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