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The Vanagon motors would be the easiest, most likely bolt in. The old tech though isn't really what I'm after. It would essentially be just a conversion from a 911 (6 cyl) to a 912 (4 cyl).

IndyIan, 300 ft lbs is tasty! Coincidentally the max the 911 trans can reliably handle. New TDI tech is really awesome stuff and not so far away from the Porsche genes to be shown both nostrils at local events. I'd love to whup a $50k fancy Porsche with my beatr911 while burning veggie oil - hah!

Since this is gravitating back towards the fun end of the scale I'll have to consider engine weight and weight distribution. This is really getting interesting. I'll have to visit the TDI club to get an idea on weight, preferred engine, cost, etc.

Thanks all for your input! Any other ideas out there?
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