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[QUOTE=t-max-rc - Throttle max count (pedal all the way up)
Possible values: 0-1023

t-min-rc - Throttle min count (pedal all the way down)
Possible values: 0-1023
These adjust the throttle position limits in case you have a weird pot that doesn't close or open all the way. Mine worked with the default settings...

I am going to use Coguar controler,
I have 1kohm-2kohm throtle -this is the oryginal throtle position from car donor so I should get around 2.5-5V , can I adjust =t-max- and min to use this throtle or I suposed to change resistor?

what values
t-max- 0t-min-rc- 1023x50%= 511 ?

Thank you for any reply.
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