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Originally Posted by JohnnyGrey View Post
Please don't ruin your car! My 928 averages 15mpg, but the only thing I'd swap that 4.5L for is an LS1 If you like the car see if you can find one with a blown engine, or maybe a 912 would be a better MPG project. If you're that serious about MPG, just sell it and get something designed for efficiency.
The last year of the 912 was 1976, but Porsche started galvanizing their bodies in 1977, so a later one won't disintegrate as fast. That, and it's not that hard to find a 911 with no engine, for better or worse. It seems like the few that weren't obsessively babied were hooned to death, so there are project-worthy cars out there. The 78-83 911SC is arguably the best-built model they made, anyway.

I actually looked into buying a 911SC as a daily driver (funny how that ended with me buying the xB), but I'm not in a position to pay cash, and financing a 30 year old car isn't impossible, but it's not the best idea, either.

Either way, water-cooling isn't going to be an issue, because there are kits for that.

A diesel would be fun, and REALLY tick off the purists. Just make sure it doesn't make the weight balance worse!
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