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That's good that it's a standard feature.

In any case, when I found out how that switch works tonight, I was very happy.

I read that this model might have a rev limiter and that I can go down a hill and try and exceed 61mph to see if I can. If there's no rev limiter, it'll exceed 61mph fine.

Also, this one I bought already had the faulty '09 fuel pump fixed. Apparently, some of them had problems (like mine, before it was fixed by Yamaha).

Updated again. So it's not a true neutral, unfortunately. At lower speeds, coming to a stop, I can definitely feel the rolling resistance of the tranny. However, it's still useful for rolling up to a redlight and having it kill the engine as you come to a stop. I used that a couple times this morning.

So ultimately, I would like to switch it to a standard tranny, if possible. I'm sure there is a plethora of support for doing that, like with anything concerning the Zuma.

Also, although I've been killing the engine at long red-lights, I leave the key alone and so the headlight/taillights remain on. This might come back to bite me with the battery. Hopefully not.

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