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You have to go for older diesels without, or pray that they start converting them to run with a fifth injector in the exhaust to enable the DPF.

Even then, biodiesel has its effects on engines... you can actually see valve recession on some engines when running biodiesel. Straight veggie oil is a little better, but it's solid at low temperatures (which is why they convert it to biodiesel). It still washes in to the engine oil over time, requiring more oil changes.


Gasoline engines can run run E85, E100 or LPG (with different injectors). Same problem, LPG... valve recession... but it depends on the motor.


Originally Posted by RunningStrong View Post
Turbos, DPF and Dual Mass Flywheels are all expensive items...
Hear, hear... DMFs are a pain in the ass. At least there are some companies selling SMF conversions, as long as you can put up with the clatter...
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