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So what do you guys think of this IGBT and this Capacitor being used in the power section of a controller? Keep in mind that I am planning on 192 volts, and maybe, just maybe 300V.

IGBT: FZ600R12KE3 (probably overkill for me)
1200 Volts, 900 Amps
$165.35 from IGBT/MOSFET Modules :: IGBT Modules single :: FZ600R12KE3 - ----Professional solutions for Power Semiconductor

Capacitor: 944U161K801ABM (might need two?)
800 Volts, 160uF
$62.16 from Digikey. CAP FILM 160UF 800VDC SCREW - 944U161K801ABM

I can provide datasheets if you guys would like them.
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