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Too many lights and bad timing are the same deal here in Phoenix as well. Having 2 or 3 and sometimes more small lights in between the major ones is very annoying especially when it seems that alot of them are timed to change so that driving the speed limit causes you to stop at each one.

I dont know if anyone else has them but since its not on the poll: Metered freeway on ramps. worst invention ever. Imagine a fully loaded semi truck that has to stop at the top of a ramp and wait for the light to turn green, then because it had to stop toward the end of the ramp, there is only a very short distance before this truck going much slower then the other cars has to try and merge in. To be able to merge in even with a car, you have to bury your foot in it to be able to match the speed of traffic and merge safely. Dumb. AZDOT, Dumb.

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