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is it dedicated LPG only
is it duel fuel, pump gas and LPG
or is it a converted gas auto

dedicated engines commonly have a little higher compression, then one that must also run on gas.
LPG just like ethanol, has lower BTUs and has a high octane rating, and very much likes high compression.

but when the engine was made orignaly to run on gas, but is converted to LPG, the economy will suffer a bit do to having 9 to 1 or so comp.

buy no means is this your cars mpg numbers, but it gives a "ball park" as to what is lost in MPG from gas to LPG
i wanted to show a car but i could not find a USA car that is LPG/gas powered off the dealer lot.... there's a few CNG cars, but not LPG cars.
Compare Old and New MPG Estimates
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