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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
If cities were properly planned and the "local" mentality would be enforced it would not be an issue. If public transport actualy existed in a real way appointments would be a non-issue and if cities were properly planned I could bike or walk there safely.
That assumes a lot. For starters not everyone lives in a city, and not everyone wants to live in one.

Perhaps we need motivation to eliminate the (1) 10,000 bed subsidized hospital 30 miles away...
Name where there is such a facility. Or do you just like to be dramatic by making wild exaggerations?

with the mega Chinamart on the outskirts and maybe use some sort of impedus to have smaller local businesses to reduce the amount of travel people have to do to get anywhere usefull?
If Walmart were such a terrible idea no one would shop there. They'd be out of business.

Europe nicked this is the bud years ago for the most part.
Since you like Europe so much and think it is better than America, you should move there.

I would be willing to pay a couple cents more to have a local grocer.
If there were a market for it, there would be one. If you were entreprenureal (instead of being critical of successful business) you could start one yourself.
If any business is what people want, it will be successful. If it's not what people want they should not need to be forced to accept it.
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