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Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
If Wal-Mart were such a terrible idea no one would shop there. They'd be out of business.
Actually they, even with the china price advantage have had issues with sales which they are slowly working out, if they did not have government healthcare subsidizing their employees their existence would be impossible. If laws were pre-nixon they also could not exist today.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Or do you just like to be dramatic by making wild exaggerations?
You catch on quick, I do have a tendancy of responding to things in kind. Like drama it makes the point, I make it wild so everyone knows it is not factual but an example that I believe (insert word here) is excessive in the way I expouse. In this area for example we have the equivalent of a 10,000 bed hospital far in excess of what would ever get used but divided between multiple hospitals all in mostly distant areas of the county. They are oversized and nearish population areas but would be far more effective if a little more distribution were possible.

And no I didn't much care for the NECA 40-point plan movie.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
Since you like Europe so much and think it is better than America, you should move there.
Which part? I prefer northern Canada or Brazil personally. And yes I have been thinking strongly about making sure I can move should I find things going down the pipes more than I can swalllow.

Northern canada I would probably burn more wood than gas.

Originally Posted by Thymeclock View Post
If there were a market for it, there would be one. If you were entrepreneurial (instead of being critical of successful business) you could start one yourself.
If any business is what people want, it will be successful. If it's not what people want they should not need to be forced to accept it.
Actually I probably have as much real entrepreneurial experience as you do, if you did have as much as you appear to believe, you would understand that as things stand today most enterprises are doomed to failure unless they are propped up by heavy government support (indirectly or directly) or heavy foreign cash, even twenty years ago during some of my more successful years this simply wasn't necessary.
AKA what I mean is you need ABSOLUTELY NO ENTREPENURIAL EXPERIENCE TO BE SUCESSFULL TODAY, you do need the skills to play politics and play money games, aka be a panderer if you will, its more about who you know today than any paticular skill. Few successful businesses actually make anything, they instead are good at being resellers or money shufflers, which to me is not a true entrepreneur. An investor is no longer an entrepreneur and today there really are very few who build anything themselves, dare I say few even have the entrepreneurial skills to do it. Instead they just strip cash off husks and toss them into bankrupcy, then sell their overseas lineup that they buy off a totally independantly managed foreign firm and have relabled here. Historically those practices would have had heavy public reaction, even jailtime and at the least those individuals would never be allowed to operate in business again because they would have been considered complete and total failures, since they were unable to make the actual business profitable and functional, which should be the goal, not just the act of making money for oneself with no regard for the brick and mortor or the people.

But I digress. Now to the thread closing and being banned forever
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