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Originally Posted by Ladogaboy View Post
Wow, an ad hominem argument. How compelling. You made up an extremely exaggerated hypothetical example in order to shoot down the idea of restricted driving days, but you cry foul when someone else uses another, exaggerated example? Please.
If you recall, you began the (rather off-topic) contention in this thread by injecting the tangential remark:

I do like the idea of restricting people to only driving certain days of the week. That way, people could be forced to carpool or take public transportation.
Your proposal shows an authoritarian mindset – where the end justifies the means. Undeniably you are advocating reshaping society by restricting freedom of movement and by using ‘force’.

There is nothing exaggerated in my observation made in response that this would result in people being greatly inconvenienced in the imposition of rearranging their schedules to fit your proposed, government dictated plan of rationing days on which they would not be permitted to drive. It shows the draconian inconvenience imposed in the tyrannical nature of your proposal, not to mention the abrogation of personal freedom and choice. Such would be the consequences of your idea, and anyone advocating such things is a despot.

You sound like an aspiring dictator or at least a wannabe transportation czar. I'm not backing down from calling a spade a spade, and if you want to whine and moan that this is an ad hominem attack, so be it. I am pointing out that you have cloaked yourself in the mantle of advocating authoritarianism. Wear it with pride, if you will, as you cannot deny it.
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