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My car is converted to run on LPG as well as the factory fitting of unleaded petrol and the general level of economy is around 10 / 15% less with gas than petrol.

The gas does vary in quality and mix and here it is possible to buy either LPG (Propane and Butane mix) or just straight Propane with no butane.

The propane and butane mix will give better economy but the 100% propane gives better starting and performance with lightly less economy.

P&G will work with lpg. I don't do it but a taxi driver I know does.

Apart from the lower costs at the forecourt there is no practical difference running on LPG and all the usual tips and tricks apply as they do to a standard petrol powered car.

The oil will last longer since there are fewer combustion byproduct deposits but LPG is more demanding on the ignition system than unleaded so good quality plugs and leads are a must.
I use NGK plugs and change the leads every 100 000 klms (about 60 000 miles) just as a precaution.

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