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Originally Posted by texanidiot25 View Post
Wordy is always better than having to answer question later

FWIW, the 1st gen CRX HF did 41/51 in the current EPA adjustments, and it used a carb no less! I wonder what miracles the VX motor could have in the old HF shell (which has a curb weight of 1730 lbs).
I remember reading about an HF with a VX engine. The guy took an HF that had been used in racing, so it was stripped of all unnecessary weight. I think it weighed less that 1600 lbs. With the VX engine, the owner claimed he was getting around 60 MPG. With better driving technique and aero mods, I'm sure you could do much better than that.

Incidently I have a Cali. VX. I didn't realize it until after I'd bought it that it didn't make use of lean burn. Fortunately it is a '92 so I just picked up a Fed. ECU and gained about 5 MPG immediately.
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