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I bought a used 2001 Civic a few years ago with 75K miles on it, thinking it was going to be a super reliable car. BEWARE: there are some years of Civics that are ridiculously unreliable, despite their reputation. Soon after I bought it, a guy I know who happened to work at a Honda dealership told me, "prepare to pay."

Cracked exhaust manifold. Common problem.
Warped front brake rotors every 20K miles. Common problem.
Extremely poor suspension, Honda's first attempt at macpherson struts - HORRIBLE ride compared to previous designs. Wore out quickly.
Worn out driver's seat, jiggles front and back. Common problem.

This was my lone experience with a Honda car. The '03 Corolla I got afterwards felt like a Cadillac in comparison and never gave me a stitch of trouble. Don't assume that buying a Honda will be your answer to reliability. There are plenty of other (cheaper) options that are just as good.
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