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Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
I bought a used 2001 Civic a few years ago with 75K miles on it, thinking it was going to be a super reliable car. BEWARE: there are some years of Civics that are ridiculously unreliable, despite their reputation. Soon after I bought it, a guy I know who happened to work at a Honda dealership told me, "prepare to pay."

Cracked exhaust manifold. Common problem.
Warped front brake rotors every 20K miles. Common problem.
Extremely poor suspension, Honda's first attempt at macpherson struts - HORRIBLE ride compared to previous designs. Wore out quickly.
Worn out driver's seat, jiggles front and back. Common problem.

This was my lone experience with a Honda car. The '03 Corolla I got afterwards felt like a Cadillac in comparison and never gave me a stitch of trouble. Don't assume that buying a Honda will be your answer to reliability. There are plenty of other (cheaper) options that are just as good.
damnn that stinks man sorry, so im asking everyone...what are the best cars I should be looking at? budget it $5,000. i want great mpg (40 highway, 30+ city), i need it to be reliable, automatic transmission.
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