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That is quite interesting feature, I wish my 1981 Volvo would have ability to control it that way, but maybe I will mod such.

CVT itself might be quite efficient if built for fuel economy in mind as belt is more efficient than gears.

It would just require bit of planning, so that there would be no gears in first place, just two belts and fwd, lot less losses that way.

With my Volvo I could actually make switch for early shifting by applying +12V to one solenoid, by switch, that would make it gear up more agressively.

I'm sure that even with CVT it would be possible to get quite ok mileage when making it shift earlier and it is nice that they have put that feature to Jeep.

I wonder if it would be possible to tap controller box somewhere in that to make it programmable how thing shifts. Of course if engine has lean burn it would be better to run higher rpm lower load.

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