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Originally Posted by notjoe9 View Post
Hello all,I am new here (so please forgive me if I say really dumb stuff ;0 )and very happy to have found this site/like minded folks.I have recently become somewhat obsessed with getting max.mpg's.
I have an '03 s-10 that gets around 20mpg (I think).
I really like the areocap idea and have been thinking/planning to try something like this on my s-10,although I am thinking to have the cap meet the bed floor in the rear/eliminating the tailgate altogether , to hopefully reduce the dreaded low pressure area.I realize this is not optimum for hauling cargo,which I rarely do,and am wondering if their is some reason I may have overlooked for not doing this?
I am also planning to put an airdam (?) on the front,starting at the top of the bumper,extending forward a few inches (maybe 4-6) with at least a 45 degree angle downward and back to bottom of bumper in attempt to reduce drag on bumper and shove some air under the truck to give it a little lift (making the truck lighter? while in motion?) and smoothing the underside of truck.
Sooooo if anyone has any experience with any of this and or can see obvious flaws to my plans ,that I do not see or comprehend ,please advise.
And thanks for having such a cool site
Are you going to cut the bed rails down at an angle from the roofline such that the rear corners and tailgate are completely eliminated?
If that were the case,the contour would be too steep for the boundary layer and you'd have complete separation with no hope of re-attachment,and very high drag.
As far as the airdam goes,it's a no-no to encourage any air to go under the truck.Over and around is okay,but not under.
I removed the bed from my Dodge pickup as an experiment and was rewarded with a 2-mpg loss.So your stock bed may be adding that much to the S-10.
If I had an S-10,I'd modify it to be like the S-10 'EXTREME' produced towards the end of S-10 production then do a cover like bondo has done.His is wind tunnel proven,not to mention,a work of art.Truly aero-sculpted!
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