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The nice thing about this last prototype I just finished is the control board is now good. There were 2 mistakes on it that I had carried over to the AC and new DC control board layouts, both of which are now fixed. The DC one was changed to a high side drive, which Lee Hart suggested might be a better idea. The just finished prototype is low side. I think it will work well, but I think the high side will work better. The AC board is new but mostly tested, since it's so similar to the DC control board. I need an AC beta tester. AC cars are much more unusual though. I have a 100 pound AC motor in the garage, and about 350v in batteries for trying it out, but that won't be very good for the car. Also, Isaac is letting me borrow a high current pmac motor for testing too. I think the stuff is basically ready to put on the wiki. It's unlikely to have more silly mistakes.
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