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I increased my mileage from 37 to 45 partly due to my engine-on coasting, partly due to my slowing down and timing my stops. Given the limitations of the VW O1M, I don't think I am going to be able to make many further improvements with driving technique. It looks like you may have hit the limit of yours as well.

One major goal of mine when driving in traffic is to get up to the overdrive shift points as soon as practical, and stay there. My first overdrive shift point is 30mph indicated, and I can drop 2mph and still stay in OD. The final overdrive shift point is 42mph, and I can drop down 3mph while still staying locked up.

If I anticipate a light is going to change, but I cannot hit it while staying in lockup, I disengage the tranny and coast to the light, hopefully maintaining my momentum as I get to the light. As soon as it changes, I reengage the tranny (NO accelerator!) and wait 2 seconds for the hydraulics to fill, then re-apply the accelerator to get back to my shift point.

If the light is not going to change, I leave the tranny in gear and engine brake to the light before shifting into neutral to wait for the light change.

If the O1M decides to break, I will probably do a 5 speed manual conversion. For some reason, the VW automatics get worse mileage than most other manufacturers' automatics.
I'm not coasting, I'm shifting slowly.
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