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Thanks, Doax and Mort. The whole oscillator thing is beyond me. But the diode makes perfect sense. Exactly like how a diode is often placed across pins 85 + 86 (solenoid) inside a relay to prevent spikes from frying the controlling ECU when the circuit goes open.

In my field circuit, am I correct in assuming that the voltage spike is very low amperage? I am basically electronics illiterate. Can you give me the part number of a suitable diode?

Originally Posted by mort View Post
...and a diode can be placed to conduct the forward spike into a higher voltage, like the battery.
OOOO....regen spike suppression! Ok, maybe not.

EDIT: I'm thinking a 5A 100V diode would do - just put it between the field terminals. Is Santa real (could it be so simple?)?

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