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Originally Posted by Alcibiades Ramos View Post
Hey everybody, I have this crazy idea that maybe we can turn this generator into an AC motor:

Can someone give me some insight on what to expect if that were possible?

I am working on a budget so I'm trying to beat the system until they realize and jack up the prices he he!

And Paul if you don't mind I would like to help in this AC project. I would like to order a couple of AC boards and the list of items required to put together a couple of AC controllers.

One is going to go into my old Ford Aerostar and the other on my CBR1100XX which I am turning it into electric after seeing MotoCzysz win in Australia.
Converting a Aerostar hows it going ?
I'm working on a Windstar in process of removing the motor
don't find many youtube videos on Windstar conversion have found 3 on
VW bus conversion though.
I'd be interested in how your conversion goes
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