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bad idea - no gains - misery to be had

Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
Thanks for the caution. I appreciate it.

Here's an interesting link for anyone wanting more detail about advancing the timing and torque and other issues: What Happens When the Timing Is Advanced

....The risk in advancing the timing is that the flame front (the increase in pressure) from the burning air/fuel mix strikes the piston head before, at, or too close to TDC to create the optimum forward rotation of the crank.

If the downward force reaches the top of the piston before the piston is able to react with a downward motion then the force is directly to the crank, rather than to the rotation (a bit like how landing on a stiff leg transmits the jar to the hip). .....

from the link -
peak combustion pressure must happen at 14 degrees ATDC for best results
except at idle
except on start

if you tamper with base ignition timing - you change peak combustion pressure timing by the amount of your tampering

there are already inconsistencies in peak combustion pressure timing events in non tampered with systems - if you move the average of those peaks back by advancing base ign timing some of those peaks will overlap

peak combustion pressure will happen before the piston has reached TDC
which is

this is a very bad idea -
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