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I'm looking at the diagram for this generator and there are 2 Red 1 Black and 1 White wires coming out of the actual generator. Following the White wire (which changes opposite color) I get the impression it's the common wire for both 120v and 240v. Same for the Black wire coming out of the generator.
Now if you have 240v on what seems to be a Y array and that is already 2 phases right there, wouldn't the other wire conform for the 3rd phase? I am hoping it is.

All that said the thingy has 4 stars indicating that there was a couple of guys that had a very bad experience with it as a generator... something to think about.
In any case, were I to buy this it would have to be pulled apart to secure the coils and make sure isolation is not going to blow up on the first surge.

Last thing, I was wondering if you would be interested in bartering LiFePo's pouch cells for a PCB and some of the items.
Ooops... I said "last thing" and there's something else I wanted to ask you he he. Are you making provisions for oil cooling on the heat sinks? That will definitely give you an edge not only as far as power but also for the safety of the elements.
Tha... Tha... That's all Folks!
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