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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
So is their 2 inch concave tail section showing me I should fit the skin 2 inches long to form a concave at the back of the Kammed off tail I am building for my Vetter style motorcycle?
I'm sure with a motorcycle, your Kamm will be much more pointed/tapered than a subcompact car. You could probably get away with six inches of cavity if it gave you much less added weight and if the Kammback was only a few square feet in area.

On a motorcycle, your Cd is basically just a raw factor of your frontal area. That's why a recumbent riding position is one of the most effective ways to bite a chunk off your fuel consumption. As long as your fairing is rigid in the wind, your mpg will kick butt. The rear back inches of the Audi fairing would end up being negligible on a motorcycle when compared to weight gain/frontal Cd.

Good luck with your motorcycle, sendler. We'll all love to see what you'll come up with!
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