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Originally Posted by vacationtime247 View Post
Front control arms out at the local machine shop getting new bushings pressed in. Getting new ball joints pressed in also. Thought my inner tie rods were bad, turns out it was the passenger side control arm bushing. Put new spark plugs in, runs a lot better. Now need to finish the suspension. The never ending headache this car is giving me. > : (
You might be better off flipping the car and attempting to make a small profit. (True sentiments in white below, between the sad faces. I don't want to offend here.) Personally, I think PT Cruisers are the epitome of why US automakers are bankrupt. That car, to me, is one of the ugliest and most pathetic examples of auto design. People still bought them up, but I'm sure none of them were quite happy with their purchase.

The only good thing about the car is that they sold a diesel trim in the US.
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