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Originally Posted by drmiller100 View Post
If a guy got creative, use the brake light to turn on the alternator - when the brakes are on, the alternator is on.

If a guy got REALLY creative, there is a TPS sensor wire which indicates idle. If the driver lets off the throttle and is coasting, turn the alternator on. You would have to use a diode, transistor, relay or something to not backfeed the wrong signal to the ECU.

If a guy got REALLY creative, have it come on automatically if the voltage drops below some set number - like 12.1 volts or something.
My microswitch connected to the gas pedal or throttle body butterfly solves your 2nd creative idea. And I believe they have voltage window switches that will send power or ground if a certain scenario is met.

Can probably find some kind of voltage floor switch, so if it falls below X volts it will provide power or ground. Couple that with a double pole, double switched relay and you're set.
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