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Originally Posted by zedhead View Post
Newby from the UK here, where petrol and diesel are at 1.50 a litre (that's about $2.40 a litre, at current exchange rates).
I feel your pain - literally, as we're paying the same for petrol and 2.07 USD / L diesel.

I've been looking at cutting down fuel consumption in my van and my bikes due to the recent price hikes (doubled in the last seven years here)
As always, start with the usual stuff :
- grille block (full or partial - watch engine temps !)
- increase tyre pressure
- driver slower
- start coasting in neutral to reduce speed (engine on or off is up to you)

A bit further on are the next steps :
- air dam,
- underbelly pan
- some mods to the rear

Read up on
65+ Vehicle modifications for better fuel economy -
and see what you can apply to your van.

There's lots of gains to be made by changing the way you drive, or even park :
100+ Hypermiling / ecodriving tips & tactics for better mpg -

And got enthused by reading about Craig Vetter and his mileage competitions, esecially the bikes that hit over 300mpg back in the Eighties!
It'll be extremely hard to get that kind of numbers on the open road though.

For 100 mpg and above, get an EFI Honda 125cc scooter and start modding ...
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