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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hello Sebart! I would remove R8 and just add a wire, and change R10 to 1k. It will give you a lot more resolution with a 1k-2k throttle. Then set t-min-rc to 341, and t-max-rc or whatever it's called to 480. Really it should be 512, but 480 will allow for a little dead zone.
Dygresion about this 1k-2kohm throtle.
I have chcecked with my bro who is an electronic guy he says:
"when pedal are absent = voltage is 0 when the pedal is max,=0V Sensor TCP -throtle resistor 1-2kohm and rezistor R10 conected do - give 5V dividing factor. I am not fully convince to remove R8 in a case short circiuit there is no safty feuture,- cause dangerous posibilities. Instead changing R8 I will put something which protect from direct short circuit 5V with ground - That could be the resistor which will be like fuse for some high currents during increase. And this R8 propably is designed to work like that.

By the way on exit J3 for sesor halla it could be given the same. Designer of this controler could think about situation - what happend if some wire will cut and will touche ground - if could be exactly 5V will turn of microprocessor.

I have read somwhere with C3 capacitor for 7 pin processor it is possible and good to give small choke series and close to 7805 legs two small capacitorsabout 100n.

Ask as well if there no dangerous for U9 when short circuit could possible happen from contacor coil becouse there is no diode reverse polarization (polarized)? "

Paul if you could comment above.
Thank you for your reply in advance.

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