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"Build a car so people can't hardly help but get good mileage. Prius is successful for a reason."

except I could care less about mileage technically.

What I care about is SAVING CASH. ie CPM. and the CPM on TRC for a Prius is INSANELY HIGH. in fact the only 2 cars (of the ones I checked) more expensive than a Prius are the Smaet 4/2 and the VOLT.

We have to teach people to figure out their TRC (Total Real Cost) and get THAT as low as possible.

basically it goes like this.

C$ + 50%* + ((Ym x Yk) / MPG) x 4** = TRC

C$ = Cost of Car
Ym = Yearly Mileage
Yk = years car kept
* Interest etc..
** Use 5 for premium
TRC= Total Real Cost

Here are some examples using 12k a year and 10 years

$63,500 - Nissan Sentra
$59,095 - hyundai Elantra
$59,095 - Ford Fiesta
$78,606 - Smart 4/2
$53,095 - 1 year old New Elantra or Fiesta
$68,000 - Toyota Prius

Those numbers speak volumes :-) you would have to do your own math for your intended lifespan and yearly mileage.

I did the VOLT too. $98,500 !! OUCH now granted this is for MY commute style (the volt is partial true electric so it will change the TRC dramatically from person to person)

but not enough to get it that much closer to most of the other cars on the list.

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