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Austin Mini greetings for the UK and questions for you :)

Hey everyone - i live in the UK and im 17. I have been driving for 6 months - i have kept data on my fuel consumption from day 1 - but i have not actively pursued improved economy until now, where i thought i would have a bash at it for some fun (very geeky of me lol)

So just a bit of info about,
Petrol is currently about 139.9p ($2.23) per litre around here.
Thats 6.37 ($10.18) per UK gallon
Or 5.30 ($8.48) per US gallon

My car has averaged 29.36 uk mpg (24.45 us mpg) (9.62 l per 100km) between 16th sep 2011 and 25 mar 2012 over 1733 miles. mostly town driving and country roads with the odd bit of fast dual carriage ways.

I am going to see how much i can improve this by as an experiment (which i may adopt full time if improvements are good). Im not out to alter the car - just to change driving habits.

I have a vacuum gauge in which should help me.

The engine is a 998cc, with a HS4 carb, stage 1 upgraded exhaust and after market air filter - the head has also had some porting to improve flow. it has loads of mods in other areas - too many to list.

So you got any tips for me, i have been doing some EOC (i have NO power steering or servo brakes so i dont lose any functions - good advantage to an old car really) - i have a particular 3.5mile trip to my girlfriends which is all up one way and all down the other.

Perhaps you have some specific tips for someone like me using an old engine with carb? does it use any fuel when decellerating in gear?

Looking for any help really!.

here are some pics:
oops they are not allowed.

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