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Originally Posted by California98Civic View Post
This mod is part of a series of mods, still not all completed, meant to rearrange how the car creates and uses electricity. I got a deep cycle battery. And I reduced electrical load with five LEDs for braking and running lights. I switched from the stock headlight bulb to HID bulbs (reducing wattage required). I bought a 6 amp battery maintainer, installed in the car, and I charge the battery at night by plugging in at the bumper. Some other minor changes. The last big change will be solar panels. If I had had those today, the car would have fully recharged during working hours, and I could have driven the 12 miles home with ease, even with the lights on. As it is, I had to use the alt for much of the ride home so as to protect battery life.

I hope that helps. Load reduction and a deep cycle battery are the key minimum things to do in order to maximize the benefit of the switch.

Hey, i've got a 96 civic hatch, same Gen as your 98 and I've heard people say that even with the 4 wire connector plug removed, the alternator will still output 14 volts through the large white "charging" wire. Have you tested the volts after you switch it off?

I've got a 96 hatch with a d15z1 lean burn motor in it, and there just isn't enough power in lean burn at 65mph for me to hold that speed. I'm thinking that killing the alternator might give me that boost I need.

Also do you know if using a large relay on the white charging wire and just disconnecting it can harm the alternator if the field is energized?
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