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Originally Posted by mja1 View Post
It's not that you don't understand, you pick apart every sentence,
As I already wrote ... and you already knew:

Originally Posted by mja1 View Post
Originally Posted by IamIan
If you or anyone makes claims that I see errors with or I have some reason to disagree with ... I think it is perfectly reasonable for the discussion for me to point out those errors , or issues I disagree with ... discussion is a back and forth ... it is not blind acceptance of any claim someone makes.
I respect this
When you post multiple things I see errors with or I disagree with I have pointed them out ... just as I previously posted and you previously acknowledged and and claimed you respected.

If it is correct ... it should make no difference how many parts I see errors with or I disagree with ... you should be able to explain why each part is correct ... if you can't explain the perceived errors and disagreements ... than they remain as open issues with the whole , and with any parts built on top of them.

Originally Posted by mja1 View Post
I tried to have a healthy discussion, your aim isn't worthy, it's to put down everything I write as if I were some fool who driveled bs with every keystroke.
You are incorrect.

That is not my aim ... I know my aim better than you do ... I have been straight forward and honest about my aim ... my posts have been honest to that aim ... an aim I already posted and you already acknowledged.

I suggest ... you avoid trying to tell other people what they are aiming for ... or what they are trying to do ... such efforts are highly prone to error... as in this example , you were wrong.

Originally Posted by mja1 View Post
I tried to continue a discussion in the PM as I sensed it was becoming more of a personal thing somehow. There's something more to the discussion than what we're talking about, I don't appreciate it, and I'm done with it.
I appreciate your effort. I didn't continue a PM thread, because it was just web links ... links that were relevant to the public threads discussion of the concept you were describing ... and sense you made no comments in that PM that indicated to me it was some kind of secret or personal information ... I saw no reason not to share the information you shared with the rest of the group , who may be following the discussion.

I am not apposed to a PM based discussion if you don't feel comfortable with an open public discussion ... if that's what you want , just say so ... but don't expect me not to point out errors and disagreements in PMs ... that part will remain the same, public or private discussion... no matter how many are stringed together ... they are all fair game.

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