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I ended up ordering an Elcon charger as well, finished installing it a few days ago.
I went with the same charger as Tom, only mine is set up for 48v, specs say the input voltage can be from 45 to 65 hz and from 85v to 265v, so a nice wide range of inputs.
I'm not sure if mine is a newer design then Toms or what is going on because the specs don't seem to match what it's doing exactly, it will charge at 1,700 watts, or 35 amps for a bit when I first plug it in while the specs say that it should max out at 26 amps when plugged in to a 110v outlet, so I haven't tried charging from a 220v outlet yet, but at 220v the specs say it will max out at 40 amps.
Needless to say I'm impressed, the only way you can tell it's doing anything is by looking at the gauge or to listen for the quite computer fan, unless you look under the seat for the colored LED to tell what phase of charging, equalizing or floating it's in and having to look under the seat is the only thing that I wish was different, they have a plug on the side for battery temp probe, why not give the option for a remote charge status light?
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