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When using 120v, my ElCon 2500 draws about 1,640 watts (according to the Kill-A-Watt) - just over 13 amps @ 123 volts. I haven't measured the amount of amps it is putting into the pack. I don't have a good meter to measure the amount of power used at 240v, but since the specs match very well at 120v, it probably puts out the rated 2.5 kW at 240.

My charger is a bit different than a 'normal' off-the-shelf 48v or 72v charger. Since it is set for 64v nominal, they used a 72v charger and 'turned it down' a bit to work with 64. These chargers have a bit of range they can be adjusted to, but you must tell the factory what you need to do. It came with a test chart that shows the amp/volt relationship when going through the various stages (bulk, equalize, float). They can also be programmed to charge other types of chemistry, including lithium variants.

It does charge differently if the temp probe is not plugged in. Fortunately, I used the space where my old charger was mounted (in front of the passenger, on the shelf near the wheel well) and I can see the LED very easily.
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