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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
Any idea how hard it is to reprogram these chargers? someday I'd like to get lithium batteries.
AFAIK, you have to send the charger back to Electric Conversions (ElCon) in Sacramento. They'll need to know what brand of lithium cells you have, if you use a BMS, and how many cells/size you are using. As long as the voltage you want is within about 15% of the nominal voltage on the charger you have, they should be able to reprogram it. The high limit on your charger is 68 volts.

In a similar fashion, you'd also need to reprogram if you decided to get SLA batteries instead of floodies because the charging curves are different.

It turns out that I have a 60v charger that was turned 'up' slightly to 64v (my previous post incorrectly stated that I had a 72v model turned 'down'). The specs for the 60v model are 35 amps output at 240v, and 20 amps at 120v. Your 48v model is 40 amps and 26 amps respectively.
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