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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
They have an updated version, called the SIM-WIL:

... They are talking about production in 2014 -- kewl!!
I'd wait a couple of years for this car based on looks alone.
It's like the Gen I Honda Insight and Gen II Prius.
It's got an attitude.
It screams,

This is different!
The differentness has a meaningful purpose.
This is the future.
Pay attention!

The excellent specs are a bonus.
And I really like the new rear-end treatment and rear skirts.

(Looks like the rear lights might form an aero "rear cavity." )

This car has officially dethroned my up-to-now-favorite EV prototype
with an attitude, the might be a distant cousin, Mistu i-MiEV Sport...

And as a double bonus, the SIM-WIL has the volume to be a practical,
useful in the real world, car. Wonderful!

I want one in Arrest-Me Red.

Neil, thank you buckets.

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