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Ok, what gauges would I need to display to do this efficiently?

My current display:

Inst. L/100KM | Avg L/100KM
torque Nm | Engine load%
Inst. L/H | Avg L/H

I haven't been able to find any "tutorial" threads. Just some general information.

Also I noticed that while cruising in gear (I know, I know...) that the mileage seems to be better at 90 KMH than 80KMH or 100KMH. Which is weird because I would think the slower you're going the more gas your going to save.

Is this due to better torque for approximately the same engine load causing more speed to cover more distance for relatively same fuel consumption? Is that what BSFC is? If that is it, how do I apply that idea to accelerating when P&G? Engine load and fuel consumption will be spiking and then dropping, Will the UG be able to calculate that?

My current P&G strategy has been based on speed and coming back I noticed that people are using time. So I've been accelerating to ~80KMH and dropping to ~60KMH and accelerating slowly back up. This seems to be against the idea that's currently going around which is to accelerate quickly and use the momentum to glide.
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