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First step is getting the vehicle in top tune as mentioned. Does the manufacturer recommend 5W-30 oil? How much oil does the engine consume in 1,000 miles? A good quality oil such as Havoline could go at least 7,000 miles between changes at mainly highway driving. Tire pressure will be recommend by tire maker or listed on decal. Likely 35 psi cold for dry pavement and 30 psi for snow if you have any.
Second is the driving technique. Depending on traffic, pulse and glide between 5 or 10 mph under the speed limit keeping a 3 second interval with the car ahead.
Third is the developing the aero drag reduction package. You didn't say if you are driving a 2 door, 4 door, or wagon. Start with an air dam and grill blocks. Wheel fairings and panel under the rear bumper. See other projects and photos of prototypes such as the Probe IV and Citation V.
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