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Originally Posted by ausmavsfan View Post
I see some people change their oil a little bit at a time at 1000 miles. How much do you take out at a time?
All of it. Plus the filter. Every 5000 miles in my CRX, every 7500 in my MINI.

Also I know I need new plugs & wires. What would be the best for my car?
The difference between the "best" plugs and wires and "almost the best" is almost always too small to notice. NGK makes decent plugs and wires; that's what I used on my CRX. OEM wires and plugs would be fine too.

Should I get my tires rotated & balanced? What is the best PSI for maximum fuel economy?
Yes, rotate and balance your tires.

For maximum fuel economy, the best tire pressure is generally as much as you can stand putting in. The tires are generally more than safe enough when run at the "MAX PRESSURE" rating on the tire sidewall, and pretty much all tires will have lower rolling resistance at that pressure than at the pressure the car maker specifies.

There are people who run higher pressures than that. I am not one of them, but they report additional drops of RR with higher pressures. (Smaller gains in most cases, but still gains.)

Do you use any additives? What kinds and how much?
Oil additives are bogus. Fuel additives are either cleaners, or bogus. The cleaners can be found, in lesser amounts, in most gasoline anyway.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.
Tip #1: Slow down. If you drop your top speed from 75 MPG to 65 MPH, you should see a very noticeable gain in MPG. If you drop your top speed to 55 MPH, you should see another gain.

Tip #2: Drive as if you didn't have any brakes. Leave lots of room in front of you to react to what happens on the road. Look ahead to anticipate changing conditions, and don't use the brake pedal if you have a different choice.

Good luck!

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