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Hi Silvernight!! You might actually be our first EE!

re: power, constant power please. It will eventually need it.

re: hackaday, no shortage of opinions over there LOL

re: fuses, use them as desired. I have ecu sized wires going to guino so the existing circuit protection should suffice (yes I've already blown one fuse). If coming straight from the battery or unfused circuit then it would be a good idea.

re: '05 Subaru Impreza, cmags can you google around and see if you can locate a pinout picture of your ECU plugs?

re: andrew, how do the instant readings look?

re: larry, you back in action?

re: yoshi, I will pay better attention to the interrupt state, thx

re: mosier, any updates?

re: metroMPG, any news? Do you even have a gas car to put on in? I'll be happy to send you the small form factor one if you have a home for it.

re: aWillard, Any luck with the signal generator?

re: Mr Cheap, I assume you are in good shape?

Anybody else have a status, or want to stand up and be counted? Treb? Svo? Daox? Coyote? zrog, is this looking like an option fo you? Lostcause-s2man, you still here? metroschultz, got any figures on how much of the world we are saving? dieselJohn, got anything with an electronic injector on it?

So I've messed around long enough now with some ancilliary tasks, I'm going to get back to coding. It is just really impressive to see such a large group of folks putting such effort into this, it can only make it better. If I haven't said so already, thanks!
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