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Is something went wrong?

Hi, Paul.
Long time no news. Is everything O.K.?
How are the things going?
Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The power board, low side driver board, and high side driver board are done being routed and are ready to go in. The control board schematic is finished, and the components are being placed. It has lots of safety built in. It's truly a miracle if the 6 pwms actually get through. haha. You power the control board with anything more than around 8v, and then there are 6 isolated homemade (super cheap) DC-DC converters that change the 8v to 18v input to 24v. Then the 24v is divided up to drive -8v to 15v or something like that. If micro is unresponsive for more than 1 ms, adjustable undervoltage trip (too negative), adjustable overcurrent trip (too positive), +12v too low, +25v too low, +5v too low, then the fault pin is set in the dsPIC which disables all pwms, and also the hardware shuts off the power to all the optocouplers independent of the dsPIC.

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