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Might I suggest finding/building a single-wheel trailer? They use two hitches, so it only pivots vertically, rather than horizontally. Hypothetically, one wouldn't need as much clearance as with a conventional trailer. I've looked into it myself, and it's something that I think would take more fabrication resources than I currently have at my disposal, but it's an option that I just don't think many people are aware of.

Here's a fairly informative site about vintage single wheelers:

Further googling comes up with several companies that make modern single wheel platform trailers that could be adapted with varying degrees of difficulty.

Still, it would probably be easiest to simply build a small one, perhaps similar to this teardrop:

Needless to say, a small teardrop trailer appeals to me, because I'm too vain for a Kammback/boattail on a car I'm still paying for. Just my $.02, is all.
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