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The car has new wheels, but I haven't had a chance ( or the money ) to go get them aligned. Would that affect the mpg that much? Because when I going down a straight-a-way and I take my hands off the steering wheel, it pulls to the right pretty aggressively. What do you think would be a good speed to go on the interstate? The speed limit is 70. Timing and injectors: I have no idea how to check that. My parents are car mechanics so they do all my car work. I personally know very little about mechanics- its not my forte.

I have actually been in the process of parking the old Mustang and getting a motorcycle. I have been studying my book to take the exam, but like I said, I work late hours and while you have your learners for a motorcycle, you can't drive at night. So I don't know how that is going to work. Money is tight right now, and throw in the fact I have some debt I am trying to pay off, I don't have much extra money. To replace the quarter panels on both sides I have found a website that will save me both driver and passenger for $100 each before taxes, so when I get those, the aerodynamics will be improving expentionally. I want to get a rebuild kit for the engine ($371) but I am wondering if getting a brand new block and starting over would be the better idea.

And jobnev, I do from time to time sleep in it. I'll take naps in between classes or before work in it. Its not all that bad, actually. I sleep rather well in the stock seats.
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