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Quick Survey: Why do you modify your vehicle?

Hello everyone,

eBay Motors is looking to gather knowledge and testimonials that may be used for marketing or public relations purposes as part of a green initiative the eBay team is working on. Your information will NOT be used unless we obtain consent from you beforehand. Please take a moment and answer the questions below by sending us a private message.

• What’s your name?
• What do you do?
• What modifications did you do to your car?
• Did rising gas prices have anything to do with your decision? Where there any other influences?
• Have you made any other changes based to increase your fuel efficiency? (Driving differently, making fewer trips, etc.)
• Did you get the parts for the modification on eBay Motors? Why?
• Did you enjoy the experience of purchasing on eBay Motors? How long have you been a customer?

Thank you!

–The eBay Motors Team

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