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98 civic EV Build

Hello everyone, I am a Electrical Engineering student and have been thinking about a EV build.

Being able to obtain 50+mpg in my car has been difficult with 0 modifications to the car, but the car is starting to have some issues.

I think the overheating problem is fixed, but now I have to replace my cat and intake manifold.. Not expensive compared to a EV conversion, but we'll see what I can do.

I have been researching about batteries. Going into this I felt I could not do this with lead and needed lifepo4 like everyone recommended.

then reality kicked in, and I saw the pricing of lifepo4 batteries......

Until I was able to research more and found the a123 20ah pouch batteries.

If I could get these for about 20bucks a bag I believe I will be able to pull of this build.

Here is what I need from the community if anyone is willing to help me out here. Finding parts and explaining / motors/ controllers/ bms/ what happens to your electronic and vaccuum componenets after ice is removed?

I am trying to consider anything I can think of....

MY first question is this..
If I get array of these pouches... say 30X5

then it should be rated at 30*3.2 in series= 96v
and 5 in parallel would result is 100ah.

My goal is 200ah, if I can get 1$ per ah or less I think I could upgrade to either more voltage, or more range (ah)

would 96v convert to a sufficient highway speed?

I wouldn't mind hypermilling like I usually do, if that makes a difference...

my usual commute is to and from school... here is a typical driving setting....

drive on flat ground to the freeway... apx 2miles away... drive apx 40miles to class (one way) on a flat freeway...

I would really like to maintain AT LEAST 60mph

this means (unless its bad for the batteries) driving to 65 then coasting to about 57 then back to 65... rinse and repeat.

Side question: with electric vehicles has anyone see cruise control, and if so have they seen hypermilling cruise control, or is it even possible?


2nd questio
are different motors more "fuel efficient?" I know that the motor isnt like the motor in our cars, but it does require energy to drive it. I know typically energy transfer is way more efficient then fuel... I hear with fuel we burn away 75%


What kind of range and mileage could I expect out of these following conditions..

sunny and clear (wind negligible)

rainy hard(10mph headwind)

again on this flat surfaced freeway... @ most maybe like 6 overpass ramps.. I usually get going to a decent speed then kind of coast up them while slowing down, then at the top of the hill I will speed up, then coast down the other side.


From what I researched I can use my manual transmission in my civic... How does this work? Are all 5 gears used?


We can discuss deals/and other parts further later.. I would like to get these questions clarified first before asking others unless you feel that I really need to know something.

Thanks again for this community......

Also, if I go ahead with this conversion I will make an underbelly for it....As far as a boat tail..... probably not.

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