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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
gauges look stock to me, only they have new faces on them to make them look weird.
The VX has a smaller intake then the DX engines, so if you do get an intake make sure it's the right one! they are tiny and I saw a 1mpg jump just adding the stock baffles and chambers back in to my vx after the original one was backed in to and crushed in a parking lot, same with exhaust, the VX has a tiny exhaust pipe when compared to a DX or SI and in the two VX's I've owned that had larger then stock exhaust pipe I've seen a 2-3mpg jump in mileage.
If you do have the 14" HX wheels then save up for some low rolling resistance tires like the Michelin Energy Saver tires, said to be the lowest rolling resistance tires currently on the market, not sure if that is true, but they do make them in a 165/65R14, same height as the stock Civic VX tires, pretty much the same revs per mile too.
Yea, that's what I should have said. *New faceplates on the old gauges. When you say jump, do you mean increase in MPGs? My VX has a new pipe coming back from the engine all the way to the muffler. I'll have to measure the diameter

Originally Posted by cbaber View Post
While we are talking about HX/VX wheels, do you guys know if the VX is 5.5 width like the HX? Also, I passed up a few sets of VX wheels in my search because I heard that the 13" wheels will not clear the brake caliper of the 96-00 Civics (or maybe it was the rear drums). Anyone have any experience with this or know if 6th and 5th generation civics have the same disk brakes?
No, the VX wheels are only 5" wide I believe.

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