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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Beautiful car, I'm jealous! What'd you pay for it?

Is that 37mpg adjusted for the change in wheel size?
Paid too much, lol. But I wanted one so bad that when I finally found one that wasnt junk, and hadn't already sold... Plus, according to title and odometer it only has 140,000 miles! Now i just need to get this thing set for function/form. The 37mpg is not adjust for larger wheel size. I will do the calculations eventually. I'm only about half way through the second tank of gas, so still doing basic testing and checking that the car isn't going to explode, lol

Once I get the Haynes manual in the mail i'm going to check valve clearances and ignition timing. I'll also take a voltmeter to the distributor cap and check for spark on the plugs, check O2 sensor and pray that isn't bad... If it is I'll try to track down the 5 wire conversion. After I bought it the guy told me the timing belt should b changed. Only like 60$ for belt and water pump, and I can definitely do that, since I just finished doing it in my 2001 Accord V6. (guess it was good practice for this empty engine bay)

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