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Thank you for the link...

from what I read on his (as far as batteries) is that he is using 96v and 170ah

his specs
Top Speed 65 MPH (104 KPH)
Driven 35-45 MPH mostly, I have maintained
55 MPH with AMPs and throttle to spare.
Acceleration Decent
Range 32 Miles (51 Kilometers)
Range is 32 miles at 40-45 MPH hilly
terrain to 80% DoD.
Watt Hours/Mile 270 Wh/Mile
I average 270 Wh/Mi while driving like a
maniac and have gotten 210 Wh/Mi while
conservatively cruising.

his range with hills is about 32miles @ 40-45 miles/hr and his top speed is around 60.

With these numbers I dont think my goal is feasible. Triple the range and 20mph faster...

Even with lithiums weight advantages and him having lead .... I still don't see the car going that far.

Basically I would like to go 100miles going 55-70.... I dont really want to drive 70, on the freeway I will probably drive 55-65.

Another big question I asked myself is what can make me go further and faster without increasing weight with more batteries (a few more might be okay)

Well.... on the freeway air resistance is the killer.

If people are seeing a 3% increase on belly pans of the 25% out of 100% of the fuel they use... That is pretty big numbers...

So I guess what I want to know now is...

on a flat freeway, what battery pack size would one need to achieve 100mile range from lifepo4 batteries?

I do have a 40mile commute to class one way, so If I can only go 32miles I am pretty f.... well lets say I will be stranded.
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