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Originally Posted by 1carnut View Post
Software Engineer specializing in PeopleSoft. Have owned way too many cars (32) thus my alias.
Welcome to ecomodder.

1. Why aren't most of the fuel efficient cars in the world available in the US ?
Small is not big in the US, and small tends to be more fuel efficient.

2. Who keeps deciding that the US won't buy diesel cars? (See gripe #1)
Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
The diesel soot-filters are causing a number of problems over here in Europe.
It's also becoming clear that they are not solving the particle matter problem, but rather making it worse (by making the particles smaller, and therefore, more penetrating into the lungs).

Forget the Clean Diesel ads.

3. Why does every car website have a car configurator/pricer but you have to go the local lot to buy what they have? Why not let us configure and then build it? How much money would that save an ailing industry?
How much could it cost YOU ?
The local lot has some leeway to lower the price for the customer, in order to compete with other car dealers, or in order to attract more customers for his workshop.

How much would you get off the price from the Big Wheels Online Store?
I very much doubt you'll ever get anything near the full local dealership's cut ...

They'd also still need to physically deliver the car to you, somehow.
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